Sub-Sea Tailings Deposition Work Shop



June 26-27, 2013

For many mining operations, deposition of tailings can be difficult to design in an environmental friendly way. It is an issue if tailings dikes shall be impervious or flow through, if the tailings dams after closure should have a water cover or soil cover. For many operations along rugged terrain near sea or fjords or deep sea it is tempting to deposit in this environment where it is ''out of site out of mind''. How out of site out of mind is it actually, or maybe this is the best option to in some cases to stop sulfide oxidation and metal release. This workshop will bring together the specialist in the field, geochemist, engineers, biologist and oceanographers working with sub-sea deposition of tailings.

The aim of the workshop is to discuss all issues related to salt water, sub sea deposition of tailings

  • Modeling of Sediment transport from tailings pipelines
  • Effect on the Biota during and after deposition
  • Tailings discharge systems
  • Geochemical stability of tailings material in saltwater
  • Tailings flocculation in saltwater
  • Recovery after Closure
  • Potential conflict with the fishing industry
  • Potentially effects on marine biota
  • Norwegian SSTD Evaluation Guideline



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Location : Kjeøy, in Lofoten, Northern

Norway, Nearest airport Harstad/Narvik - Evenes


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Contact : Ingar Walder

Registration fee Euro 750 including food and lodging

2 days/night

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