The laboratory is beeing built up by of Kjeøy Research & Education Center and SARB Consulting. SARB consulting is organizing the more commercial part of the laboratory work while, KREC is taking care of the researchoriented work. Both companies are investing in equipment to make this laboratory a state of the art in mining environmental issues.

Currently, the lab contains a Metrhom tritrator and an Ion Chromatograph set up for both cations and anions, and an Atomic Absorption. The IC has an aotosampler for 36 samples while the AA has an aotosampler for 72 samples. There is also a microscope and a binocular in the lab.

The laboratory has several different type of column experiments running to evalyuate acid rock drainage, leaching potential, minera reaction rates, CO2 sequestration potential. Currently about 150 square meters of the lab is in use. Within the next 2-3 years this will be expanded into the next room wich is 500 square meters.

Classroom & Conference

The facilities at Kjeøy comprises two class rooms and one conference room.

The smaller class rooms, which off cause can be used as small conference rooms, currently set up with a round teble can hold 15-20 people. The room has a projector, white board, roll over etc. This class room was originally the old ice storage room.

The larger class room which can hold 20-25 people, and is also supplied with projector, white boards and roll over. TYhis class room was originally the old freezer room.

The conference room can host 30-50 people depending upon the setup. This conference room is in the base of the fishery and was originally used as for the fish processing. The room will later be used as expansion of the laboratory.


Currently, there are three office rooms at Kjeøy, located in the base of first house that visitors come to when entering Kjeøy. This base floor was used as the store and office of Markussen fishing company. Two of these offices are used by Kjeøy Research & Education Center and one room is used for SARB Consulting Norge AS. There will be constructed a fourth room on this floor to house the administration of Kjeøy Handelsted and Fiskevær. There is a shower and bathoomin connection with the offices and there is also a small kitchenet.

The old Trandamperieit will during 2013-2014 be remodeled with the help of Nordland Fylkeskommune funding and will hold 2-3 new offices for the expansion of KREC.