Innovation for Enhanced production of Vanadium from Waste Streams in the Nordic Region

Vanadium is widely distributed in nature and occurs in the structure of various minerals. While it is an important element for industry, with multiple applications, there is no current primary production within the EU. Industrial activities such as mining and burning of fossil fuels result in elevated vanadium concentrations in soils and natural waters. The project aims to develop vanadium recovery technologies for solid and liquid wastes, which are currently not utilized in Nordic area and additionally pose an environmental threat to the surrounding milieu. The specific aims are to:

  • Characterize vanadium wastes in the Nordic region (chemical, mineralogical, and microbial properties).
  • Develop an innovative extraction methodology for vanadium from solid mineral waste with chemical and biological leaching.
  • Develop vanadium recovery from liquid waste streams.
  • Implement/modify the vanadium recovery system from pregnant leach solutions.
  • Increase the competiveness of Nordic industries in the growing international market for clean technology.

KREC Involvement

KREC is performing experiments to test out different leaching methods on 4-5 different waste streams from closed, active and exploration projects in Norway and Finland. This involves column experiments with acids bases at low and high temperatures, while partners are characterizing the waste material mineralogically, chemically and microbial, and performing vanadium extraction from leachate.

KREC will also perform specific mineral reaction rates to enhance the understanding of the leaching process.

KREC organisation

  • Dr. Ingar Walder, Geochemist - project leader
  • Rodrigo Embile, Geochemist - project researcher running column experiments
  • Alexander Hurbst, student - performing mineral reaction rates analysis


University of Oulu, Finland, Tiina Team leader UoO VanProd website

UiT Arctic University of Norway, Norway Dr. Jinmei UiT VanProd website

Linnæus University, Sweden Dr. Mark Dopson LnU VanProd website