Franzkeska Stopa is registered at New MexicoTech as MSc student in Mineral Engineering starting in the fall of 2016. Her thesis work is funded by KREC. She is going to work on leaching from the Sulitjelma mine area and test methods to extract copper and zinc from the ore by sulfuric acid leaching techniques. Technical Advisor is Dr. Ingar Walder


Margaret Tinsley is registered at NewMexico Tech as MSc student in Geochemistry starting in the fall of 2016. Her thesis work is funded by KREC. She is going to work on leaching from the Råna mine area and test methods to extract nickel from the ore by different leaching techniques.

Technical Advisor is Dr. Ingar Walder


Susan Little started on her thesis work in the fall of 2015 studying process water quality and quantities at the Malmberget iron mine, Sweden. The research will focus on process water transport from the tailings and clarifying pond to the receiving river, Lina Elv. Bulk calculation based on geochemically conservative constituents and river water quality and quantities indicate a considerable leakage from the mine, however, the effect on the receiving river is relatively small due to the high flow in Line river. Little will use a MUDFOLOW and PHREEQC to get better handle on the flow system. Dr. Ingar Walder is her technical advisor.

RODRIGO EMBILE, JR. - Ph.D.-student, starting

August 2014

After working for KREC since he completed his Master in July 2014, Embile is pursuing a PhD at New Mexico Tech, Socorro, New Mexico, USA supported by KREC and Norwegian Science Foundation. The topic is: Mineral reaction rates in sea water with applications to sub-sea tailings deposition.

RODRIGO EMBILE, JR. - University of Miskolc, Hungary, MSc-student Completed July 2013

Rodrigo obtained a double MSc degree from the University of Exeter (Camborne School of Mines) and the University of Miskolc. His MSc thesis entitled Characterization of the effects of grain size to mine water quality and Acid Rock Drainage (ARD) production in Kinetic Testing using Recsk Porphyry Cu-Skarn deposit rocks is one of the ongoing research projects in KREC. The said project has recently been presented at Young Persons Lecture Competition of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOM3) South East Regional Finals and was also the winner of the Minsouth heat last March 14, 2013 in London.

His MSc programme is part of the European Geotechnical and Environment Course (EGEC) of European Minerals and Environment Program (EMMEP). He has a BSc Degree in Geology from the University of the Philippines. He has also worked as an exploration geologist in the Philippines primarily involved in gold, copper, chromite and nickel projects for four years. His current interests include environmental engineering and mine waste management.

If not in the laboratory, Rodrigo is out in the field looking for weird rocks and trying to perfect the art of amateur photography. The thesis research was co-funded by KREC.

Link to the IOM3's Young Persons Lecture Competition South East Regional Finals:

Ferenc Morizc,

PhD candidate at University of Miskolc, Hungary.

Mr. Morizc has been supported by KREC on his PhD studies at Univ. Miskolc, Hungary since 2010. The topic is on reaction rates/leach rates of mine waste material from many silver-tinn mines in Bolivia. The research involves developing a better use of X-Ray Diffraction data aided by sequential chemical extraction data.

The thesis research was co-funded by KREC