Kjeøy Research & Education Center

Kjeøy Research & Education Center (KREC) founded in 2003, is located in Northern Norway on the island of Kjeøy. Kjeøy was once a main center in the Lofoten fishing industry. Surrounded by spectacular mountains and Vestfjorden, KREC offers the ideal setting for research, education and much more.

KREC provides educational and research opportunities to students, teachers, and professionals via courses, and certificate and Master programs. The center will host a state of the art laboratory for performing short and long term scientific experiments.

An ideal location for specialized conferences, KREC hosted the Sub-Sea Tailings Deposion Workshop, 2008, 9th International Symposium on Mining in the Arctic in 2007, 3rd M-WINE conference on Hydrology and geochemistry of tailings and Waste Rocks, Work Shop on Hard pan Formation 2006. More workshops and conferences are in the works.

Kjeøy Research and Education Center is co-operating with other universities and organisations in Europe and USA. These are as flows:

  • University of Miskolc, Hungary www.
  • University of Oslo, Geological Museum, Norway www.nhm.no
  • New Mexico Tech, Socorro, New Mexico, USA www.nmt.edu
  • Kola Science Center, Apatity, Murmansk, Russia
  • BGR, Hanover, Germany
  • University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA