The laboratory at KREC consists of 600 m2, of which about 1/3 is currently used for analytical equipment and experiments. Besides regular water quality monitoring equipment (ph, Eh, temp probes, oxygen probe, and analyzer, etc.), the analytical equipment consists of:

  • Atomic Absorption, Contra 700 from Analytic Jena for equiped with flame and graphite furnice and autosampler. the AA can also analyze solids directly using the graphite furnish.
  • Ion Chromatograph, Metrohm 861 Advanced Compact IC equipment with dual ion capability utilizing two columns ASSUP_5_250 and C4_250 4.0 for anion and cation analysis, respectively.
  • Titration, Titrando from Metrohm

The main part of the laboratory area is used for running experiments both as student research projects and on projects for mining companies.

Most of the research projects are evaluating different types of mineral reaction rates and leaching systems.

These experiments for enhancing metal recovery, developin

g new methods of metal extraction, or evaluating environmental issues due to metal leaching and A/NRD processes.

KREC is also seeking cooperation with Universities and research institutes to use the facility as a field station

especially for larger experiments.